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IJN Handmade Batik Bookmark With Tassels

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A book-lover's constant companion. 

A bookmark is a friend that lets you know where you are, and where you have to go. It'll remind you where to look and guide your journey in a sea of words. 

Good bookmarks do their job subtly without demanding too much attention. A great bookmark, on the other hand, grabs your attention just enough to let you savour it's beauty before leading you on your journey.  

This printed batik bookmark will do just that. For you, or for a loved one that you were thinking about the entire time you read this, it'll be a friend worth having around.  


Variations (Colours): 5 style and colour variations that will be chosen at random

Dimensions: Length: 23cm, Width: 0.02cm, Height: 5cm, Weight, 0.032g 

Materials: Batik Cotton     

Note: Please be informed that there are a variety of random designs for this product. If there is a specific design that you want in particular, please do reach out to the customer service team.                                  

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