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Gift Set: Skin Love

RM 130.00
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Go Green with our nature inspired gift sets. 

Perfect for people who love a sustainable lifestyle!

What's Included

1.Limited Edition Habitat Face Mask with a Batik Extension
These non-medical grade masks are crafted using 100% three-layer cloth mask with the polyester outer layer and tetron cotton inner and middle layer. A filter can also be inserted into these face masks for added protection.
The material and filtration efficiency of our masks comply with World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.

2.The Tropical Spice Garden's Anti - Ageing Soap
A 100% plant-derived anti-ageing Soap made from a mix of handmade ingredients such as white turmeric, kaffir lime and ginger.
Weight: 100grams

3.100ml of Tanamera Rose Floral Water
A soothing hydrating mist spray for your face or body. The Tanamera Floral Water can be used to blend homemade skincare preparations for scrubs or mask. 

4. 100ml of Tanamera Herbal Massage Oil
A natural warming effect from the herbs of Tanamera Herbal Massage oil is rich in vitamin E and A, and helps maintain soothing and supple skin tones. Rub palms together to warm the oil before using.

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