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Lady of Leisure Black Soldier Fly Larvae Fertiliser (BSFL)

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A 100% natural and organic fertiliser, made from Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL). Suitable for edibles and foliage. The fertiliser is finely processed and dried, so it has a longer storage life. Comes in a recycled container.


Black Soldier Fly Larvae are used to compost waste or convert the waste into animal feed. The insect frass results in rich organic matter that contains larvae waste, exoskeleton sheds and remaining feed ingredients. This nutrient dense matter helps to increase microbial growth thus improves soil fertility.

Advantages: Unlike typical plant-based fertilisers, BSFL fertilisers are enriched with the added nutrients of Chitin, Calcium & Magnesium.

Chitin -  an important source to help build plant resistance against pests (strengthening its immune system).

Calcium - the key to strengthening plant structure growth and strength, new cells, and disease resistance. Low calcium and magnesium can lead to certain diseases like the Blossom End Rot commonly found in tomatoes & their nightshade family plants.

Magnesium - an important micronutrient for green leaves, it is a crucial component to create the chlorophyll in plant leaves for photosynthesis to happen. It also helps the plant to uptake calcium.


Method 1: Mix into your soil (10% of soil mix when repotting plants)

Method 2: Use to water your plants (Mix 1 tsp : 1 Litre water)

All BSFL Fertilisers are packed in recycled containers sourced from the neighborhoods. Shop with peace of mind knowing that your BSFL fertiliser not only helped to convert food waste into nutrients, but it's packaging also helps minimize plastic wastes from our landfills. 


Please be informed that products may contain substances that may cause irritation to the skin and/or eyes, and/or respiratory system; and therefore customers should handle products with care. All pictures and images of the product displayed are for illustration purposes only. 

About Lady of Leisure

The Lady of Leisure is a zero waste & sustainable advocate, gardener and harvest Chef for private events with over 8 years of gardening experience; specializing in growing edibles in a condominium. In her collections, you'll find that every item is very carefully thought-about, for your home & our Earth.

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