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Lady of Leisure Eco Seedling Starter Mix

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The Eco Seedling Starter Mix is a special soil-less blend that is beautifully light and fluffy compared to soil.

The lightweight mix increases the chances of germination by making it easier for the young shoots to push its way out through the mix. Hand-mixed and hand-sieved for finer quality.

Ingredients: Coco peat, Holland peat moss, seaweed, cotton burr, wheat straw and hay.

Products are delivered in environmentally-conscious packaging. All plastic packaging used to deliver are recycled materials sourced from the neighborhoods (i.e. used boxes, bubble wraps, containers, and pieces of plastics repurposed using a heat sealant).

About Lady of Leisure

The Lady of Leisure is a zero waste & sustainable advocate, gardener and harvest Chef for private events with over 8 years of gardening experience; specializing in growing edibles in a condominium. In her collections, you'll find that every item is very carefully thought-about, for your home & our Earth.

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