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Ramadan Gift Set

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Sungguh terang cahaya bulan
Bulan purnama di akhir pekan
Kepada kawan dan handai taulan
Marhaban di bulan Ramadan

As the fasting season begins, let us reflect on the essence of life as we connect within to love beyond ourselves. With patience, the mist will clear and we shall taste the sweet nectar of life.

Here's a lovely gift set to send to friends and families in the time of Ramadan. Specially curated for this season.

What's included in the gift pack:

- 1 Thermo flask for your traveling needs; keeps cold or hot water

- 2 packs of Uncang Tea's Yellow Serai and Orange Pala; soothing teas as you break fast

- A 250ml jar of mixed nuts and dried fruits

- A 250ml jar of Tunisian dates

- A pack of Raya packets (5 packets)

- A warm note for the festive season

All packed into a reusable cardboard box and tied up beautifully into a bundle using batik material (of random design)

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