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Rimba: An Educational Card Game

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An educational Card Game that is dedicated to 30 animals from Peninsular and Borneo Malaysia and aspires to help people recognize the various animals. The 4 games spark playful and meaningful conversations about 30 Malaysian animals which range from Reptiles, Fish, Mammals, Birds and Amphibians. Coupled with online information you can scan from the QR code, RIMBA is a great way to embark on a local ecotourism adventure!

RIMBA in Bahasa Malaysia means forest and was mindfully chosen as an acronym of Reptilia (reptiles), Ikan (fish), Mamalia (mammals), Burung (bird), and Amfibia (amphibians); which are all represented in this card game as it was developed to give a voice and face to the Malaysian rainforest in the efforts to raise awareness and advocate for better forest protection.

What's in the box
•  120 animal cards (30 animals x 4 color each)
•  30 info cards
•  1 guidebook
•  1 IUCN card holder 

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