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Shamrock Botanics Super Pack

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This 3 in 1 Pack offers you potting mix, organic fertilizer and natural pesticide spray for your plants to grow strong and healthy! Not mentioning kind on Mother Nature too!


Shamrock Botanics Potting Mix

100% plant-based and natural, Shamrock Botanics Potting Mix is a combination of high quality Coconut Coir, Perlite, Shamrock Organic Fertilizer and Shamrock Organic Bio-Char in tried and tested ratio. 

Ready-To-use for all container system plants, our Organic Potting Mix is a nutrient-balanced, bacteria resilient medium, formulated to ensure proper drainage, adequate moisture retention and air-space to promote healthy plant and root growth.

Each pack contains 1kg of potting mix. 

Shamrock Botanics All Purpose Organic Fertilizer

100% Plant-Based and Natural, Shamrock Botanics All Purpose Organic Fertilizer is a mixture of Palm Oil Residue and Functional Activated Microbes (F.A.M.) 

F.A.M. is a combination of natural organic materials with beneficial microbes to provide the soil with sufficient nutrients while effectively reducing harmful microbes. 

This process in itself provides your plant with a stronger root system, which allows plants to be more resilient to diseases and healthier long term growth.

Each organic fertilizer pack is 1kg. 

Shamrock Botanics Natural Pesticide

100%plant-based and natural, Shamrock Botanics Natural Pesticide is a mixture of Neem Oil, Wood Vinegar, Plant Herbal Extract and Essential Oil. 

Neem Oil is a complex plant-derived oil which makes insects hormones go haywire, interrupting maturation and appetite, while Wood Vinegar is a natural fungicide and bactericide. 

Main function to irritate, repel and prevent a wide range of garden and household pests, worms, insects and even some animals. Also, to ensure the overall health of the plant.

Each Natural Pest Spray bottle is 500ml.

All Shamrock Botanics products are Odorless and Non-Hazardous; 100% Natural, Plant-Based and Organic; Kids safe, Pets safe and Eco safe.

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