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SHL Rattan Batik Fan

RM 15.90
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Breeze through the day and take your style to a new level with a blast from the past: a fan that doubles as a friend - especially on the days where you need something to cool you off.

Light, portable and exceptionally convenient to carry along, this fan is a prime example to show that things from the past still work great in the modern world.

It's a fan-tastic addition to have when you're heading out and it'll definitely give you some style points too.


Variations (Colours): 10 style and colour variations

Dimensions: Length: 40cm, Width: 2cm, Height: 3cm, Weight, 0.066g

Materials: Rattan & Batik

Note: Please be informed that there are a variety of random designs for this product. If there is a specific design that you want in particular, please do reach out to the customer service team.

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