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SHL Weaving Fan Limited Edition

RM 15.90
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This one of a kind fan weaved from bamboo skin, inspired by the Nyonya Peranakan culture will leave you feeling cool for your out and about in the hot, humid Malaysian weather.
These handmade bamboo fans make for good decorative pieces too!
Variations (Styles): With Handle, Round, Pentagon                                        

With Handle: Length: 18.02 cm, Width: 0.2 cm, Height: 31.5cm, Weight: 0.029g
Round: Length: 21cm, Width: 0.2cm, Height: 19cm, Weight 0.014g
Pentagon: Length: 23.5cm, Width: 0.2cm, Height: 18.5cm, Weight: 0.016cm
Material: Bamboo Skin  
Note: Please be informed that there are a variety of random designs for this product. If there is a specific design that you want in particular, please do reach out to the customer service team.

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