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Simply Penang by David ST Loh

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David ST Loh follows up on his best-selling drone photography book, Over Penang, a collection of ground-breaking, never-before-seen kaleidoscopic views of Penang as seen from the air, by coming down to the ground this time, with an enigmatic, new collection of Penang portraits as seen up close and personal. 

David weaves an enchanting tapestry of colours through his lenses, as he traverses his home state, delving into Penang's storied historical past and how its multi-racial populace celebrates its rich cultural and artistic heritage. 

For Penang-born David, his photographs are also insights into his own sense of self and belonging: here, he brings to life the living, breathing culture of contemporary Penang, its many celebrations, its flora and fauna, its monuments old and new, and, last but not least, its world-famous street food.

Book Title            Simply Penang          
By Author & Photographer David ST Loh
By WriterPeter Yeoh
By EditorJoanna Kathieen Chen
Published byElaton Publishing
Dimensions19.5cm x 1cm x 19cm
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