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The Habitat Signature Batik: Reusable Straw Set

RM 56.00
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Living the sustainable lifestyle doesn't need to be too complicated.
Here, you'll get two stainless steel straws that plus a handy cleaning brush to make your sustainable lifestyle practice that much easier.
The straws come securely and safely wrapped in a pouch made 100% by hand using a batik printed canvas material that we know will spark joy in your inner nature-lover. The pouch provides two separate slots to put your reusable straws so that you can have as many drinks as you want when you're out - and know which ones are clean and which ones are ready to use.
 All together, this set comprises of:

2 straight straws (21.5cm) and 1 cleaning brush (20cm)
100% Handmade Batik Printed Canvas Pouch


Variations (Colours): Red, Blue, Green, Orange
Bag: Length: 22.5cm, Width: 6cm
Straw: Length: 21.5cm, Diameter: 0.5cm
Cleaning Brush: Length: 20cm, Bristle: 6cm
Bag: Canvas
Straws: Stainless steel
More information on this product:
These reusable straw sets and their pouches were made in collaboration with KitaKita, a Malaysian fine crafts store specializing creating diverse, handmade craftsmanship. Find out more about KitaKita at https://www.kitakita.my/

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