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The Habitat Signature Batik: Reusable Straw Set

RM 56.00
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This bad is 100% handmade.  This batik print design is using our Habitat logo element.  The bag has two separate slots for the straws, so you can easily identify which is clean or used. 

Made from stainless steel that is durable and easy to clean.

You can easily clean the straws by using the included cleaning brush.

Comprises: 2 straight straws (21.5cm) and 1 cleaning brush (20cm).

Handcrafted by Malaysian Artisans


Bag: length 22.5cm, width 6cm

Straw: length 21.5cm, diameter 0.5cm

Cleaning Brush: length 20cm, bristle 6cm


Bag: Canvas

Straw: Stainless steel

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