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The Habitat Face Masks

RM 20.00
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Stay Safe

It has over 70% filtration rate our masks keeps you protected.
Environmental Friendly

Picture this: If you wore one disposable mask every day for a month, and stack them together vertically, you'll have a pile that's as high or as long as a 30cm ruler.
On that note, did you know that in most countries, the recommended method to dispose of PPE’s (including masks) is via incineration at high temperatures?Talk about a double whammy to the environment!
By using reusable masks, you’re doing your part in ensuring that you and those around you’re safe whilst preventing the usage of single-use, disposable masks.
Comfort and Style

One of the biggest complaints about wearing masks is the discomfort that comes with using them for prolonged periods of time. The pressure marks caused by disposable PPE can hurt - and sometimes even scar!
Our masks are made entirely from fabrics, consisting of three layers that comprise an outer polyester layer and a middle and inner layer made out of tetron cotton) that allows you to use your mask comfortably.
Plus, if it's a necessity, why not add some style to it? Choose from 9 different colours and styles to fit your outfit for the day.


Variations (Colours): Red, Pink, Lilac, Navy Blue (Out of stock), Army Green, Green, Cyan, Autumn Blue (Out of Stock), Spring Beige, Autumn Dark Green, Autumn Black Purple, Autumn Brown, Autumn Blue, NavyBlue, Autumn leaves, Green Flowers, Abstract Red Green Flowers, Abstract GreenLeaf, Abstract Flowers
Dimensions: Size: One Size, Length: 25cm, Height: 14cm
Materials: Outer Layer: Polyester, Middle, Inner Layer: Tetron cotton

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