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The Habitat Signature Batik: Batu Seremban

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Batu Seremban is a traditional game with roots deep within Malaysian history that'll bring back nostalgic memories from your childhood.
This game involves small stones being tossed upwards into the air and then caught back again by the players who attempt to capture as many stones as possible. In the past, such a game was played with actual rocks and stones that were small enough to fit on the back of one's palm.
What we've done is made these "batu's" into fabric versions to make it gentler on your skin. It's fun for all ages involved!


Variations (Colours): Orange, Red, Green, Blue
Dimensions: Length: 13.5cm, Width 10cm
Materials: Fabric: Cotton

More information on this product:
This game set was made in collaboration with KitaKita, a Malaysian fine crafts store specializing in creating diverse, handmade craftsmanship. Find out more about KitaKita at https://www.kitakita.my/

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